Profile ● Ayami-san, 26 years old at the time, published in a weekly magazine Advertising model / This time, we will release the video of those children who shake the industry. F cup milk that seems to be torn off from the bra, waist circumference without slack where the abdominal muscles can be seen faintly, SEX is no longer present. Rumor has it that people in the industry are praising other than style, and the turtle friends I heard introduced me immediately. .. .. Overwhelming beauty, dazzling aura. The moment she entered her room, her crotch was slamming. This day was a private photo session that I dreamed of. I was quite nervous, but this video, which is always exciting, is a treasure of my life. Holstein dairy cow cosplay (laughs)! There shouldn't be many children who look so good. Gachi finish (laughs) A light pigmented areola. The slightly engorged nipples are irresistible and lovely ... A photo session in such a closed room? I was expecting it from the beginning

プロフィール●あやみさん 当時26歳週刊誌掲載 広告モデル/今回も業界を震わせるあの子たちの映像を流出公開します。ブラからはち切れそうなFカップ乳、腹筋がうっすら見えるたるみ無しの腰回り、もはや存在がSEX……。噂ではスタイル以外でも業界人の中で評価されているとかで、聞きつけたカメコ仲間がすぐさま紹介してくれました。。。圧倒的な美貌、眩耀なオーラ。彼女が部屋へ入ってきた瞬間は股間はガチガチと。この日は夢にみたプライベートな撮影会。かなり緊張しましたが、いつ見ても胸が躍るこの映像は私の一生の宝物です。 ホルスタイン乳牛のコスプレです(笑)!こんなに似合う子も中々いないはず。ガチの仕上がり(笑)うすい色素の乳輪。ほんのり充血した乳首がたまらな愛おしい…。こんな密室で撮影会?初めから期待してたんじゃ