Mai Sasaki, who is extremely cute, has been endlessly spearing from her first appearance on a straight road in the Endless Sex series! It's a petite body and a lovely younger sister's face, but it's erotic and squeezed as a naughty Sister! I found a handsome boy who is using Mai-chan's pants as a side dish, and while blaming the words from the footjob with plenty of jargon, actively grasping the cock and squeezing it! Excited SEX by playing with cute sister comfortably! It feels so good that Mai is addicted to it and masturbates with men's pants. Easy to find and change offense and defense! Forbidden endless sex SEX story!

とびきりキュートな佐々木麻衣ちゃんが「エンドレスセックス」 シリーズで一本道に初登場からエンドレスにヤリまくり!小柄ボディで愛らしい妹系の顔立ちだけどエッチな「おねぇちゃん」になりきってエロしごき!麻衣ちゃんのパンツをおかずにしてるイケナイ男子をみつけ、隠語たっぷりに足コキから言葉責めしながら積極的におチンポを握ってしごきまくり!可愛いおねぇちゃんと気持ち良く弄り合って大興奮SEX!気持ち良過ぎて麻衣ちゃんの方がハマっちゃって男物パンツでオナニーしちゃう有様。あっさりみつかって攻守交代!禁断のエンドレスセックスSEX物語!