Born in Russia, 163 cm tall, has a boyfriend. He's young and good, he's cute. I went into the room and sang, my face was bright red, the best, probably good. Since dancing is one of his hobbies, I tried to get him to stand up for that as well, but after much thought, he wouldn't do it. I have had 4 proper boyfriends in the past, but the number of experienced people is about 40, and they seem to get to know each other at home parties. If you take off your T-shirt, no bra, super beautiful boobs! It's so purunpurun, and the thinness of the pigment is amazing. The tattoo 69 under the left chest seems to be a lucky number, It's not about 69! When I asked her to take off her pants, she was wearing no panties. She seems to hate underwear. The roundness and whiteness of the buttocks, beauty, perfection. Shaved bread. I'm probably one of the paler Russians, so the area around my pussy is a beautiful pink with very little pigmentation.