Nami Amuro, who is a beautiful woman with bright eyes, is not told about the content of the shoot at all, even though it is her first appearance...? ! In fact, it's a surprise project that suddenly gets caught by her surprise! Suddenly Nami-chan who is suddenly kissed by a half-naked man, takes off his underwear and sucks her pussy! Even so, her body reacts immediately, and if you notice it, she will be fucked at missionary position and will be vaginal cum shot as it is! But this is just the beginning! After making me think that the shooting is over, I am excited again when my clitoris is stimulated with a vibrator after being given a rich blowjob in the bath on the way home! Semen is released as it is full of mouth! At the end, Ochinchin rampages in Nami-chan who can't stand it anymore and gets wet! Even though I'm a newcomer, I managed to overcome the repeated tricks with the spirit of an actress!

ぱっちり目美人の安室なみちゃんは初登場なのに撮影の内容を全く聞かされてないとのこと…?! 実は彼女の意表をついていきなりハメちゃうドッキリ企画なのです! いきなり半裸の男に勢いよくキスをされて下着を脱がされオマンコを吸われまくるなみちゃん! それでも彼女の身体はすぐに反応してしまい、気づけば正常位でハメられそのまま中出しされちゃいます! でもこれはまだ始まりにすぎません! 撮影が終了したと思わせておいて、帰り支度のお風呂で濃厚なフェラをさせられた後に、バイブでクリトリスを刺激されているとまた興奮状態! そのまま口いっぱいにザーメンを放出されちゃいます! 最後はもう我慢ができず濡れまくるなみちゃんの中でオチンチンが大暴れ! 新人なのに繰り返されるドッキリの仕掛けに女優魂でなんとか乗り切ったぞ!