The thing is that she is a cosmetics salesperson and looks like a modern person, but she has a bit of austerity in her hobbies and tastes, such as reading novels by great writers and describing chestnuts as clitoris. Perhaps because she said she liked the man she cherished, even if she rubbed her chest for a long time, she would be fascinated by it. Perhaps because she likes novels and values development, she ends sex with a very nasty It feels good... at the end of sex.

事は化粧品の販売員、見た目も普通に今どきと言った感じですが、文豪の小説を読む、クリを 陰核 と表現するなど、趣味嗜好に渋いところがある「ひかりさん 22歳。」前戯を大事にする男の人が好きと言っていたこともあってか、長く胸を揉まれても嫌がること無くウットリ、フェラの際には可愛らしくもいやらしい上目遣いで魅せてくれます。小説好きで展開を大事にしているからか、セックスの最後はこれまたとびきりいやらしい「気持ちいい……」で締めてくれます。