Miu-chan looks like she got drunk and missed the last train. I cut it out like an interview on TV, and when I was shooting a certain late-night program, I lied and paid a taxi fare, so can I go home? Speaking of which, he invited me to the house with a screaming appearance that I had seen it. The staff who bring naughty things in interviews with nasty content. It's nice for a drunk girl to have sex with 3P and OK during life

He only allowed her to take a shower after he placed a long, enchanting kiss on her lips.
From then until noon, many times he worked at once, he came to Miu Kimura who was cleaning or washing his clothes, running his hands under the fabric of his robe, kissing her cheek and making her face red, hot, and back to work. He felt filled with happiness as a married couple, and he thought she must have felt the same way.
After lunch, she showered again while he was dozing in the bedroom. She entered, fresh, fragrant. He embraced Miu Kimura, realizing the cool skin under his pajamas while he was only in his underwear. He wanted Miu Kimura to feel his body while she was still wearing pants, so it was easier for her to relax. But that's right: He took Miu Kimura's hand and rubbed all over his body so that she would get acquainted with the person who ruined her virginity and made love again. At one point, he took Miu Kimura's hand and rubbed the sides of his crotch lightly, but still avoided touching his penis. She closed her eyes, dazed, dreamy after a glass of peach wine for lunch. He hugged Miu Kimura's head and rubbed his chest for her to inhale the male scent. He knew his clean scent made her easily aroused, just as he was aroused for her fragrant body.