Akari Asagiri, the finest celebrity lady, visits the luxury beauty salon where Airi Mashiro works for the first time, and it is a ridiculous naughty development. A light that tells a woman that she has a physical relationship with a questionnaire before the massage. Airi who seems to be horny in the light that shows a little feeling after receiving an oil massage. Hikaru sees her and caresses Airi to convey the joy of Lesbian. It completely opens the door to the joy of having sex with Airi's same sex. A woman knows best about her body ... Two people who mix each other's bodies and leave themselves to each other. Don't miss the feast of Akari Asagiri and Airi Mashiro, who have the best proportions to share true joy, which cannot be achieved by having sex with a man.

I continued to explore Akari Asagiri's body with my hand. The skin is smoother than the women who passed my hand before. The scent of perfume plus the scent of flesh made me very happy, I slowly began to take off the buttons, my thin, strong skin appeared before my eyes. Due to the light shining down, Akari Asagiri's skin seemed even whiter. Soon I had taken off Akari Asagiri's blouse, her breasts filled with a tight, tight bra looked extremely beautiful. I gently put my hand up there to gently rub it, when Akari Asagiri narrowed her eyes and brought her soft fingers of the mine and grabbed my hand. Bored, I quietly told Akari Asagiri.